Our Story

Get to know Blue Sky Payroll and how we work.

The Blue Sky Story

Blue Sky Payroll officially began business in March of 2021, acquiring a portion of a business run and managed by Andrew Long for the proceeding seventeen years. Our mission is to open up new opportunities for the small business owner by minimizing time spent on accounting, payroll and HR tasks and keeping a positive and informed focus on the future by keeping businesses up to date and compliant.


How We work

Our goal is to give businesses a wide array of services and tools to facilitate their payroll and accounting needs. We won’t oversell you products you don’t need, but consider what will help you save time and money. Whether this is working in tandem with your existing accounting systems or creating a system from scratch, we adjust our services to fit your needs.

Andrew Long

Founder, accountant

Raised as the son of a CPA, it’s hard to identify the exact moment I began my life in accounting. Dad, of course, insisted on accounting electives when I was a freshman in high school and while working other jobs since age 14, I was always on hand to help at his income tax firm over the years. After graduating from college and getting married, I plunged into the deep end by not only diving into the trenches of business accounting itself, but hitting the streets and speaking to business owners and selling our services. We started a new company, a payroll service, and strove to do everything that the big firms could do for both small and medium-sized businesses. After fifteen years of this, I had grown the company to nearly ten times the size it was when I started. My real passion was the clients, the people I work with on a daily basis.So, when my father retired, I knew I wanted to continue his legacy, so I started Blue Sky Payroll and Long Ledgers LLC. With nearly two decades of experience, I have not only the tools and knowledge, but also the passion to help business owners succeed in building their own legacies.

No client is too small. We run payroll for 1 employee companies as well as companies with over 100 employees.

I was with Choice Payroll and Andrew for our payroll and switched to another company that "promised" more. I realized the other company was not easy to work with and unfriendly when I needed help or had questions. I decided to come back to Andrew and Blue Sky Payroll. He has always been just a phone call away and will always return calls. He answers our questions and he has gone above and beyond for our company. I highly recommend Andrew and Blue Sky Payroll.

Mike Hawkins

Blue Sky is a terrific company and understands how to support their customers. My business has undergone changes over the years and I always receive the help I need to navigate and challenges that I have encountered. Highly recommended.

Travis Pitt